Austin A35 Countryman (AP6) Mar-Sept 1962
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Austin A35 Countryman (AP6) Mar-Sept 1962 specifications
4 Cylinders in line
Bore: 62.9mm
Stroke: 68.3mm
Displacement: 948cc
Valvegear: o.h.v push rods & rockers
Compression ratio: 8.3 to 1
Carburettors: single SU Type HS2
Power output: 30bhp at 4,800 rpm

Maximum speed: 72mph
Acceleration: 0-50mph 17.8secs

Clutch: Borg and Beck 71/4in
single dry plate
Gearbox: 4 speed with direct drive in top, synchromesh on 3 upper ratios
Propellar Shaft: tubular, needle roller bearing universal joints
Axle ratio: 5.375/1

Unitary, all steel body

Lockheed hydraulic, 7in drums all round

Cam and peg, 2.3 turns lock to lock
Front: Independent, coil springs with wishbones, and lever arm hydraulic shock absorbers
Rear: Live axle with semi-elliptic, leaf springs and lever arm shock absorbers

Wheels & Tyres
Pressed steel disc, 5.20 x 13in crossply

Dimensions & Weight
Wheelbase: 6ft 7in
Track - front: 3ft 9in
Track - rear: 3ft 9in
Overall length: 11ft 6in
Overall width: 4ft 8in
Overall height: 5ft 3in
Ground clearance: 6.5in
Turning circle: 32ft
Kerb weight: 15.5cwt
Tank capacity: 6 gallons
Overall fuel consumption: 38mpg

A35 Production
A35 car total 1956-59: 129,245
A35 Van 1956-68: 210,575
A35 Countryman 1956-62: 5,780
A35 pickup 1956-57: 475