Morris Minor 1000 4 door saloon 1963-70
tandem wipers model shown (1965 onwards)
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Morris Minor 1000 4 door saloon 1,098cc 1965-70 specifications
4 Cylinder inline water cooled
Displacement: 1,098 cc
Bore: 64.6mm
Stroke: 83.7mm
Valves: Pushrod/overhead
Compression ratio: 7.5:1
Carburettors: Single SU HS2
Max Power: 48bhp at 5,100 rpm

Maximum speed: 74 mph
Acceleration: 0-60 mph 24secs
Overall fuel consumption: 35-40mpg

Unitary steel body

Hydraulic, Front 8in drums,
Rear 7in drums

Clutch: Single dry-plate diaphragm
Gearbox: 4-speed,
Ratios: Top 1:1, 2nd 2.172:1,
1st 3.628:1 3rd 1.412:1
Reverse 4.664:1
Differential ratio: 4.22:1

Rack and pinion
Camber: 1º
Steering wheel: 2.6 turns lock to lock
Turning circle: Left 32ft 11in,
right 33ft 1in

Front: independent torsion bars
Rear: Live axle,
semi-elliptic leaf spring,
Lever arm dampers

Wheels & Tyres
Bolt on 5 x 14in disc

Dimensions & Weight
Wheelbase: 7ft 2in
Track - front: 4ft 2.6in
Track - rear: 4ft 2.3in
Overall length: 12ft 4in
Overall width: 5ft 1in
Overall height: 5ft
Ground clearance: 6.75in
Kerb weight: 15.75cwt
Tank capacity: 6.5gals

All variants1948-1972: 1,619,857
Morris 1000(1098cc) 1962-72(inc Traveller): 303,443