BMW Z3 2.0(Wide Body)
See specifications and enlarged front view below illustration.
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BMW Z3 2.0 (Wide Body) specifications
Engine:(M52B20): Straight 6, DOHC, 24 valves
Bore & Stroke: 80mm x 66mm / 3.15in x 2.6in
Displacement: 1,991cc / 121.498 cu in
Compression ratio: 11 to 1
Carburation: Injection Siemens DME MS42.0
Max power: 148bhp at 6,100rpm,
Torque: 140 lbs/ft at 3,500rpm
Max speed: 131mph
0-60mph: 8.5secs
O.F.C.: 31mpg(UK), 26mpg(US), 9.2L/100km
Transmission: RWD, 5-speed manual
Steering: PA rack and pinion
Suspension front: independent, coil springs, anti-roll bar, rear: coil springs, semi-trailing arms, anti-roll bar
Brakes: PA, hydraulic, discs
Construction: All steel monocoque
Wheels: 16in alloy, 225/50 R16tyres
Wheelbase: 96in / 2,446mm
Track F: 55.6in 1,413mm, R: 58.8in / 1,494mm
Overall length: 159.4in / 4,050mm
Overall width: 68.5in / 1,740mm
Overall height: 50.9in 1,293mm
Kerb weight: 2,956 lb 1,345kg
Fuel tank: 11.2 UK gal 51 litres
E36 Production: Facelift 1999-2000, Z3 2.0 Roadster: 14,616
Total E36 Z3 1995-2002: 297,088 built