Aston Martin DB2/4 Mk1 1953-55
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Aston Martin DB2/4 Mk1 Specifications
6 Cylinder in line, OHV
Bore: 83mm
Stroke: 90 mm
Displacement: 2,922 cc
Compression ratio: 8.2-1
Piston area: 50.3 sq in
Valves: overhead(twin o.h. camshafts)
Carburettors: twin SU
Max power: 140 bhp at 5,000rpm

Maximum speed: 120mph
Acceleration: 0-60 mph 11.1 secs

Multi tube spaceframe,
aluminium panels

4 speed manual
Clutch: s.d.p. Borg & Beck
Ratios: top 3.77, 3rd 5.01,
2nd 7.45,
1st 11.0, reverse 11.0 to one
Propellar Shaft: Hardy Spicer open
Final drive: Salisbury hypoid

Burman re-circlating ball
Girling hydraulic
drums all round
Friction lining area: 174.2

Front: independent coil & trailing arms Rear: rigid axle & parrallelogram linkage
Shock absorbers: Armstrong hydraulic

Knock-on 16in wire wheels
with 16 x 6.00 crossply

Dimensions & Weight
Wheelbase: 8ft 3in
Track front & rear: 4ft 6in
Overall length: 14ft 31/2in
Overall width: 5ft 101/2in
Overall height: 4ft 61/2in
Ground clearance: 81/2in
Dry weight: 231/2cwt
Turning circle: 35ft

Production DB2/4
Mkl: 1953-54 565
Saloon: 451
Drophead: 102
Chassis: 12
Mkll: 1954-57 199
Price new: £2,889