Austin A95 Westminster 1956-59
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Austin A95 Westminster 1956-59 specifications
6 Cylinder in line
Bore: 79.4mm
Stroke: 89mm
Displacement: 2,639cc
Valves: o.h.v pushrod
Compression ratio: 8.25 to 1
Carburettor: Zenith 42 VIS downdraught
Max power: 92bhp at 4,500rpm

Maximum speed: 90mph
Acceleration: 0-6 mph 19.8secs
Overall fuel consumption: 20mpg

Transmission (automatic)
Clutch: Fluid torque converter
Ratios: Top 3.91, 2nd 5.63,
1st 9.03, reverse: 7.85
Propellar Shaft: open with needle-roller universals
Final drive: Hypoid bevel 11/43

Unitary, steel

Girling hydraulic
11 x 21/4in Drums all round
Friction lining area:

Cam and peg, 3.25 turns lock to lock
Front: Independent coil
Rear: Semi-elliptic leaf with
torsion anti-roll bar
Shock absorbers Armstong hydraulic lever-arm

Wheels & tyres
Pressed steel disc, 6.40 x 15in tubeless

Dimensions & Weight
Wheelbase: 8ft 9.75in
Track - front: 4ft 3in
Track - rear: 4ft 3.5in
Overall length: 15ft 0.75in
Overall width: 5ft 0.75in
Overall height: 5ft 1.25in
Ground clearance: 7.75in
Turning circle: left 38ft
Right 37.5ft
Front/rear distribution: 59/41
Tank capacity: 16Imp gallons
Sump capacity: 12 pints inc. filter
Kerb weight: 27.5cwt

A95 Production
Longbridge: 1956-59 28,065

Price new in 1957
£665 plus £333.17s.od purchase tax
(A105: £799 plus £400.17.0d purchase tax)