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Land Rover Series One 86" 1954-56

See specifications and old advert below illustration
Note: drawing recently updated with correct, earlier rear axle (later Salisbury type before)

Land Rover Series One 86" 1954-56 specifications
Engine (10E Petrol)
4 cylinder in-line,
8 overhead valves
Displacement: 1,997cc
Bore: 77.8mm
Stroke: 105mm
Compression ratio: 7.1 / 1
Valves: 2 per cylinder
Carburettors: Solex
Power output:
50BHP @4000rpm
Torque: 137Nm@1500rpm

Maximum speed: 56mph
Overall fuel consumption:
approx: 20mpg
Acceleration: 0-40 app. 13secs

Tubular steel chassis, steel and aluminium body, riveted panels

Gearbox: Single helical constant mesh, 3rd & 4th syncromesh
Full time 4-wheel drive, with centre diff locked via chain pull
Ratios: 4th: 1.38, 3rd: 2nd: 2.04, 1st: 3.0, reverse: 2.55
Axle, front: fully floating, spiral bevel
Axle, rear: spiral bevel, semi floating for all

Hydraulic, 10in drums,
1.5inshoes front & rear

Burman worm and nut with recirculating balls

Front & rear: Semi eliptic leaf springs

5 stud, 16in pressed steel

Dimensions & Weight
Wheelbase: 7ft 2.3in
Track front: 4ft 2in
Track rear: 4ft 2in
Overall length: 11ft 4in
Overall width: 59.1in
Ground clearance: 8-9in
Overall height: 59.5in
Kerb weight: 2,702 lb
Fuel tank: 12gals

86” Series I production
1954 -1956
86” S1 production: 49,342

Total S1 production (1949-58):
211,000 (70% exported)