MG Midget 1961-80

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differences on drawings to previous year

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Midget Mk 1 948cc 1961 62 disc wheels*
/wire wheel opt

Midget Mk 1 1098cc 1962-64 disc wheels*
/wire wheel opt

Midget Mk 2 1098cc 1964-66 disc wheels
/ wire wheel opt
• new screen
• wind up windows
• rear suspension, now semi eleptic
• bhp increased

Midget Mk 3 1275cc 1966-69 disc wheels
/ wire wheel opt
• fold down hood

Midget Mk 3 1275cc1969-71 disc wheels
/ wire wheel opt
• Leyland restyle
• black grill & sills
• bumpers
• Rostyle wheels
• steering wheel)

Midget Mk 3 1275cc 1971-73 Rostyle wheels
/ wire wheel opt*
• round rear wheelarches
• new Rostyle wheel design

Midget 1500cc 1974-80 Rostyle wheels
/ wire wheel opt
• rubber bumpers
• rear wheelarches square again
• doorsill trim extended to rear. wings

East Sussex MG Owners Club (AREA 1107)

Monthly meetings are 2nd tuesday of every month (except December) at Wellshurst Golf and Country Club, North St., Hellingly, situated 3 miles south of Horam on the A267.

Southdowns MG Club

Monthly meetings are 2nd Monday of every month at Herstmonceux Castle