MG TD ‘2’ 1951-53 (round rear lights 1952 onwards version)
See specifications below illustration to after-market wire wheel version
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MG TD 1951-53 Specifications
TD Production
1949-53: 29,664 cars built
Export: 23,488, Home: 1,656
TD2: 1951-53: approx 18,000

Cylinders: 4 in-line
Valves: 8 over head type
Bore: 66.5mm Stroke: 90.0mm
Displacement: 1250cc
Valves: Pushrod/overhead
Compression ratio: 8 to1
Carburetors: Two 1.25in SU
Power output: 60bhp at 5,500 rpm

Maximum speed: 78.9 mph
Acceleration: 0-60 mph 19.4 secs
Overall fuel consumption: 26.3 mpg

Clutch: 8in Borg and Beck,
single dry-plate diaphragm
Gearbox: 4-speed, synchromesh on
2nd, 3rd and top gears
Ratios: Top 4.875, 3rd 6.75, 2nd 10.10,
1st 17.08, reverse 17.08
Propeller Shaft: Hardy Spicer, open
Final drive Hypoid bevel
Ladder-type chassis,
ash framed steel body

Lockheed hydraulic drums

Front: independent coil & unequal wishbones
Rear: semi-elliptic, leaf spring

Ventilated 4.5J x 15 disc.

Rack and pinion, 2.75 turns lock to lock
Turning circle: 31.25 feet

Dimensions & Weight
Wheelbase: 7ft 10in
Track - front: 3ft 11.5in
Track - rear: 4ft 2in
Overall length: 12ft 1in
Overall width: 4ft 10.6in
Overall height: 4ft 5in
Ground clearance: 5.4in
Turning circle: 32ft
Kerb weight: 2,005 lb