Morris Marina Series1 1300 1971-75
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Morris Marina Series1 1300 1971-75 specifications
Engine (A Series): 4 Cylinders ohv, in-line, cast iron, water cooled
Bore & Stroke: 70.61mm x 81.28mm
Displacement: 1,275cc
Compression ratio: 8.8 to 1
Carburettor: SU HS4
Maximum speed: 82mph
0-60mph: 18.2sec
Max power: 57bhp at 5,500rpm
Max torque: 69 ft lb at 2.450rpm
O.F.C: 30.7mpg
Construction: all steel unitary
Transmission: R.W.D.manual 4-speed Synchromesh on upper 3 gears
Propeller shaft: Hardy Spicer open
Axle ratio: 3.753 to 1
Clutch: 6.5in Borg and Beck single dry-plate diaphragm
Brakes: PA, Front: disc ?Rear: 8in drums
Steering: Rack & pinion
Suspension, Front: independent, torsion bar
Rear: Live axle, semi-elliptic, leaf spring, Armstong telescopic dampers
Wheels: 13in bolt-on disc wheels, 145 SR13 tyres

Wheelbase: 8ft 0in
Track F: 4ft 4in R: 4ft 4in
Overall length: 13ft 10in
Overall width: 5ft 4in
Overall height: 4ft 8.125in
Ground clearance: 5.5in
Turning circle: 31ft
Kerb weight: 1,936 lbs
Fuel tank: 11.5 Imp. gals

Marina Production
1971-90: 809,612 built
Price at lanch: £923