Austin Mini Countryman (all metal) 1962-67
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Austin Mini Countryman 998cc 1962-67 specifications
Engine (8MB)
4 cylinder in-line,
8 overhead valves
Displacement: 848cc
Bore: 63mm, Stroke: 68.3mm
Compression ratio: 8.3 to 1
Valves: 2 per cylinder
Carburettors: single SU HS2
Power output: 37 bhp at 5,500rpm

Maximum speed: 69mph
0-60 mph: 33.8secs
Overall fuel consumption: 38mpg

Front wheel drive,
4-speed manual,
synchromesh on top 3 gears

Hydraulic, Front: drum
Rear: drum

Rack & pinion

Front & Rear: rubber cone
Pressed steel 4 stud, 10in x 3.5J
with cross-ply tyres

Pressed steel monocoque
with non-structural wood battens

Dimensions & Weight
Wheelbase: 84.25in
Track front: 48.2in
Track reart: 46.2in
Overall length: 129.8in
Overall width: 55.5in
Overall height: 53.5in
Ground clearance: 6in
Kerb weight: 13.25cwt
Fuel tank: 6.5gals

Countryman Production
1961-67: 85,500

Total production of all
Austin Countryman and Morris Mini Traveller: 161.000

Total production
(1959 - 2000) of all
Mini variants: 5,387,862