Riley One-Point-Five MkIII 1961-65
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Riley One-Point-Five Mk III 1961-65 specifications
4 Cylinder inline water cooled
Displacement: 1,489 cc
Bore: 73.02mm
Stroke: 88.9mm
Valves: Pushrod/overhead
Compression ratio: 8.3:1
Carburettors: two SU H4's
Fuel pump: electrical (sit. in boot)
Max Power: 68bhp at 5,400 rpm

Maximum speed: 74 mph
Acceleration: 0-50 mph 12secs
Overall fuel consumption: 28mpg

Unitary steel body

Girling hydraulic, Front 9in drums,
Rear 8in drums
Friction lining area:

Clutch: 8in Borg & Beck
Gearbox (from MGA): 4-speed manual, synchromesh on
2nd, 3rd and top gears
Propellar Shaft: Hardy Spicer open shaft,
Final Drive: live axle, hypoid bevel gear

Bolt 14in disc 5 x 14 crossply tyres

Rack and pinion
Camber: .75º
Steering wheel: 2.6 turns lock to lock
Turning circle: left 32ft 6in,
right 33ft in

Front: independant torsion bars
Rear: Live axle, semi-elliptic leaf spring, Dampers: hydraulic, lever arm

Dimensions & Weight
Wheelbase: 7ft 2in
Track - front: 4ft 3in
Track - rear: 4ft 2.25in
Overall length: 12ft 9in
Overall width: 5ft 1in
Overall height: 5ft
Ground clearance: 6in
Unladen weight: 18.4cwt
F/R weight ratio: 57/43

Fuel tank: 7 gals
Engine oil: 8 pints
Gearbox oil: 5 pints
Cooling: 13 pints
Rear axle: 1.75pints

Production (Longbridge)
MkI - MkIII 1957-1965: 39,568
Picture courtesy of John Baker,