Reliant Scimitar GT Coupé SE4a 3 Litre V6 1966
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Reliant Scimitar GT Coupe SE4a V6 1966 specifications
Engine (Ford V6 Essex)
Water cooled, iron block
Cylinders: 6, 60º V
Valves: 12 0verhead
Bore: 93.7mm
Stroke: 72.4mm
Displacement: 2,994cc
Compression ratio: 8.9 to 1
Carburettors: triple SU HS4
Max power 136bhp at 4,750rpm
Max torque 192 lb/ft at 3,00rpm

Maximum speed: 121mph
Acceleration: 0-60 mph 10.1secs
Approx. fuel consumption: 23mpg

Servo ass. Hydraulic, Front: 10.6in disc
Rear: 9 x 1.75in drums

4 speed all syncromesh
Clutch: single dry 8.5in diameter
Top gear ratio: 1/0.78(OD)
Optional: Laycock overdrive
Rear wheel drive
Final drive ratio: 3.875/1
diff Hypoid bevel

Rack & pinion, 3.3 tuns lock to lock
turning circle: 35ft 6in
Steel box frame chassis with side members supporting glass fibre body

Front: independent coil & wishbone
Rear: live axle with parallel trailing arms & Watt linkages
Shock absorbers F & R: telescopic

Wheels & Tyres
4 stud 5.5J x 15in pressed steel
with 165 x 15in radial tyres

Dimensions & Weight
Wheelbase: 7ft 8.5in
Track - front: 4ft 2in
Track - rear: 4ft 2in
Overall length: 13ft 11in
Overall width: 5ft 4in
Overall height: 4ft 3.5in
Ground clearance: 5.5in
Kerb weight: 22.1cwt
Tank capacity: 20imp gals

Scimitar Coupé SE4a/b Production
SE4a/b 1966: approx 591 produced
Price new in 1966 (without seatbelts & extras): £1,516 inc