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Bexhill Museum’s 1902 Serpollet 2002 Replica
Specifications below illustration.

PLEASE NOTE: print of Serpolett shown below only available to UK residents from the souvenir shop at Bexhill Museum. Bexhill Museum.

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Bexhill Museum's 1902 Serpollet (2002 Replica) brief history
Frenchman Leon Serpollet invented and perfected the flash boiler in 1896 and used it in many of the cars that he built and raced, breaking the car speed record at Promenade de Anglais, Nice in 1902.

This slightly reduced-sized example was built as a tribute to Serpolett’s car that he raced along Bexhill’s seafront in the same year – the first ever official motor race in Britain.

Road-legal BXM 832 was completed by Jeff Theobald and Bexhill Motor Racing Heritage in 2002 to celebrate the centenary of this event.

Dimensions (2002 replica)
Wheelbase 93in
Height: 64ins
Length: 127in
Width: 56in
Ground clearance: 6in

Serpollet 1902
4 Cylinder, oil-fired steam
Bore: 75mm Stroke: 90mm
Weight: 1,800kg
Power: 106bhp at 1,220rpm
Top speed 57.6mph