Sunbeam Rapier Series II 1958-59
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Sunbeam Rapier Series II 1958-59 specifications
4 Cylinders in line ohv
Bore: 79mm
Stroke: 76.2mm
Displacement: 1,494cc
Compression ratio: 8.5:1
Carburettors: two Zenith downdraught

Maximum speed: 85.7mph
Acceleration: 0-60mph 19.3sec
Max power: 73bhp at 5,200rpm
Overall fuel consumption: 27.2mpg,
Touring: 30.1mpg

All steel unitary, vynide upholstery

Clutch: 8in Borg and Beck,
single dry-plate diaphragm
Gearbox: manual 4-speed
or optional, 3 speed automatic
Synchromesh on upper 3 gears
Ratios(manual): Top 4.78(O/D 3.612), 3rd 6.794,(O/D 5.387) 2nd 11.258, 1st 14.518, reverse 18.389
Prop shaft: Hardy Spicer open
Final drive: Spiral Bevel
Axle ratio: 4.55:1

Hydraulic. Front:10in drum
Rear: 9in drum
Friction lining area: 146.5sq in
Burman recirculating ball

Front: Independent, coil spring
and wishbone,
telescopic Armstong shock absorbers
Rear: Semi-elliptic, leaf spring, telescopic Girling or Woodhead Monroe shock absorbers

Bolt on disc wheels with
5.50-5.90 x 15in tubeless

Wheelbase: 8ft 0in
Track - front: 4ft 1in
Track - rear: 4ft 0.5in
Overall length: 13ft 6.5in
Overall width: 5ft 0.75in
Overall height: 4ft 10in
Ground clearance: 5.75in
Turning circle: 34.75ft
Kerb weight: 21.25cwt
Weight distribution F/R: 56/44
Fuel tank capacity: 10gals
Sump: 8 pints
Gearbox (SAE 90): 2pints
Rear axle (SAE120): 1.75 pints
Cooling: 12.25 pints

Sunbeam rapier II Production
1958-1959 15,151
Price new in 1958: £737 10s.
plus purchase tax (£370 2s.)