Sunbeam Talbot 90 MkIIA 1952-54
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Sunbeam Talbot 90 MkIIA 1952-54 specifications

4 Cylinder inline, ohv
Bore: 81mm
Stroke: 110mm
Displacement: 2,267cc
Compression ratio: 6.4:1
Carburettor: twin choke downdraught
Power output: 77bhp at 4,100rpm.

Maximum speed: 83mph
Acceleration: 0-60 mph 20.8 secs
Approx fuel consumption: 28mpg

Steel body on box section steel frame

4-speed manual, syncromesh on top 3 ratios, Laycock de Normanville overdrive
Ratios: 3.28(OD), 4.22(direct), 5.55, 9.14, and 11.81 to 1. Open prop shaft. Hypoid rear axle

Lockeed hydraulic, drums

Front: Beam axle together with semi-eliptic cart springs, Rear: semi elliptic leaf with Panhard rod, Armstrong hydraulic dampers all round

Wheels & Tyres
wheels with 16in x 5.50 crossply tyres

Dimensions & Weight
Wheelbase: 8ft 1.5in
Track - front: 3ft 11.5in
Track - rear: 4ft 2in
Overall length: 13ft 11.5in
Overall width: 5ft 2.5in
Height: 5ft 0.7in
Ground Clearance: 6.6in
Turning circle: 36ft
Kerb weight: 23.1cwt

Sunbeam Talbot 90 Production
MK II: 1950-1952 5,493 produced
MK IIA: 1952-1954 16,387 produced