Alfa Romeo GTV 2000
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Alfa Romeo GT Veloce 1971-76 specifications
Engine: Straight 4, dohv, 5 bearing, water cooled
Displacement: 1,962cc
Bore & Stroke: 84mm, x 88.5mm
Compression ratio: 9 / 1
Carburation: Petrol 2 DellOrto Carbs
Power Output: 131bhp at 5,500 rpm
Transmission: 5 speed manual, rear wheel drive
Maximum speed: 121mph
Acceleration: 0-60mph 8.9sec
Approx fuel consumption: 28.6mpg (UK)
Brakes: Hydraulic, discs all round
Steering: Recirculating ball, 3.7 turns lock to lock
Suspension: Front: independent coil. Rear: dDd coil
Wheels: 4.5J x14in ventilated steel disc
Tyres: 185/70R14 radial
Construction: all metal monocoque

Wheelbase: 2,350mm / 92.5in
Front Track: 1,324mm / 52.1in
Rear Track: 1,274mm / 50.2in
Ground clearance: 5.5in
Length: 4,089mm /161in
Width: 1,575mm / 62in
Height: 1,321mm / 52in
Turning circle: 10.5m/34.4ft
Curb Weight: 1,044kg, 2,301 lbs
Fuel tank: 52.3L / 11.5 UK gal / 13.8 US gal

GT Veloce 2000 Production
1971-76 over 37,459 built
Designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro of Bertone