Armstrong Siddley Sapphire 346 1953-58
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Armstrong Siddley Sapphire 346 1953-58 specifications
Engine: 6 Cylinder in line OHV
Bore & Stroke: 90mm x 90mm
Displacement: 3,435cc
Compression ratio: 6.5 to 1
Carburation: petrol, ssingle SU HD6 or optional twin Stromberg
Power output: 120bhp at 4,200rpm
RAC rating: 30.13hp
Maximum speed (TC): 100mph
0-60mph: 13sec
Overall fuel consumption: 18.7mpg
Transmission: RWD, 4-speed syncromeshed manual with single, dry plate clutch or centrifugal clutch epicycic pre-selector gearbox
Ratios (manual): top: 4.091, 3rd: 5.807, 2nd: 8.540, 1st: 12.800
Ratios (pre-selector): top: 4.091, 3rd: 5.564, 2nd: 8.153, 1st: 13.909
Rear axle: Hypoid Bevel
Construction: All steel body on chassis with box section at front and rear with open channel section and cruciform bracing at centre
Brakes: Girling hydraulic, drums
Steering: Rack& pinion
Suspension: Front: independent coil and wishbone
Rear: Semi-elliptic leaf
Wheels: 16in pressed steel,
Tyres: 6.50 x 16 crossply
Wheelbase: 9ft 6in
Track - front: 4ft 8.6in
Track - rear: 4ft 9.5in
Overall length: 16ft 1in
Overall width: 6ft 0in
Overall height: 5ft 3in
Turning circle: 37ft 7in
Kerb weight: 31cwt
Tank capacity: 16gal

Sapphire 346 price new in 1953 (including purchase tax)
Sapphire Four-light Saloon: £1,728 3s. 4d.
Sapphire Six-light Saloon: £1,728 3s. 4d.

Production: Sapphire 346: 1953-58, 7,697 built
Star Sapphire: 1958-60, 980 built, Coventry, England