Daimler XJ6 C 1974-77
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Daimler XJ6 C 1974-77 specifications
: OHC, 6 Cylinder inline, 7 bearings
Bore & Stroke: 92.1mm x 106mm
Displacement: 4,235cc
Compression Ratio: 7.5 / 1
Carburation: Twin SU HS8
Power Output: 245bhp at 5,500rpm
Maximum Speed: 121mph
Acceleration: 0-60mph 9.5secs
Overall Fuel Consump.: 17.8mpg
Transmission: RWD, 4-speed manual
Construction: Unitary all steel
Brakes: PA, disc F & R
Steering: PA, rack and pinion, 3.31 turns lock to lock
Turning Circle: 37ft
Suspension F & R: ind. coil/wishbone
Wheels:15in ventilated chromed pressed steel tyres

Track F/R: 58in / 58.6in
Overall Length: 190.7in
Overall Width: 69.7in
Overall Height: 54.1in
Ground Clearance: 6in
Weight: M/A 3784lb./3847lb
Fuel Tanks: 2 x 10 UK gallons

Daimler Coupe Production 
1975-1978: 1,677 built

Daimler Double Six coupe Production 
1974-1978: 407 built
Coventry, England