Jaguar Mk2 3.8 1959-66 (wire wheels)
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Jaguar Mk2 3.8 1959-66 specifications
Engine: 6 Cylinder in-line, cast iron block, DOHC, alloy head

Bore & Stroke: 87mm x 106mm

Displacement: 3,781cc

Valves: inclined o.h.v

Compression ratio: 8 to 1

Carburettors: two 13/4 HD6 SU

Power output: 220bhp at 5,500rpm

Maximum speed: 126mph

0-60mph: 10.5secs

O.F.C: 16mpg

Transmission: RWD, manual 4-speed with Laycock de Normanville overdrive option or automatic

Ratios: Top 3.54, 2nd 7.012, 3rd 4.541,1st and reverse 11.95 to one

Propellar Shaft: Hardy Spicer

Clutch: single dry plate 10in

Construction: unitary all steel

Brakes: servo-assisted, front 11in disc, rear 11.75in disc

Steering: power assisted, rack and pinion, 4.3 turns lock to lock

Turning circle: 36ft 9in (between walls), 30ft 8in (between kerbs)

Suspension: front semi-trailing wishbone & coil, rear live axle on cantilever leaf, radius arms, Panhard rod & telescopic dampers

Wheels: centre lock 15in wire x 5in rims with 640 x 13 tubed radial tyres


Wheelbase: 8ft 11.4in

Track: front 4ft 7in, rear 4ft 5.4in

Overall length: 15ft 0.75in

Overall width: 5ft 6.75in

Overall height: 4ft 9.5in

Ground clearance: 7in

Kerb weight: 3,350 lbs

Weight distr. f/r: 56.5%/43.5%

Luggage space: approx 13cu ft
Capacities: Petrol tank 12 Imp gal, oil: 13 pints, cooling: 20 pints

Mk2 Production: 1959-67
2.4 Litre : 25,173,
3.4 Litre: 26.666,
3.8 Litre: 30,141
Total: 83,976. built
Jaguar 240 & 340 1967-69 7,234 built, Coventry, England