Triumph Mayflower 1949-53
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Triumph Mayflower 1949-53 specifications
Engine: 4 Cylinder in-line, iron block with aluminium cylinder head, sidevalve
Bore & Stroke: 63mm x 100mm
Displacement: 1,247cc
Compression ratio: 6.8 to 1
Carburettor: single Solex downdraught
Power output: 38bhp at 4,200rpm
RAC Rating: 17.9hp
Maximum speed: 65mph
Acceleration 0-50mph: 24secs
Overall fuel consumption: 35mpg
Electrical: 12v, 51 amp battery
Construction: Pressed steel unitary
Transmission: RWD, 3 forward speed and reverse, syncromesh on all forward gears, column control
Ratios: Top 5.125, 2nd 8.56, 1st 18.4,
Clutch: Single dry plate
Propellar Shaft: Hardy Spicer open
Rear axle: Hypoid BevelBrakes: Lockheed hydraulic, drums front and rear
Steering: Lockheed cam type
Suspension front: independent, ?coil and wishbone, telescopic shock absorbers. Rear: semi-elliptic, leaf ?spring, telescopic shock absorbers
Wheels: 15in ventilated steel disc ?550/15 crossply tyres

Dimensions & Weight
Wheelbase: 7ft 0in
Track F: 3ft 10in R: 4ft 1in
Overall length: 12ft 10in
Overall width: 5ft 2in
Overall height: 5ft 2in
Ground clearance: 8in
Turning circle: 34ft
Kerb weight: 2,016 lbs
Fuel tank: 10 Imp. gal

1949-53: 35,000 built, designed by Leslie Moore and Walter Belgrove
Price new in 1952: £701 10s. 0d. ?(incl. Purchase Tax)