Wolseley 6/90 Series III 1958-59
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Wolseley 6/90 Series III 1958-59 specifications
(C series): 6 Cylinder in-line, OHV, cast iron block & head
Bore: 3.125in (79.375mm)
Stroke: 3.5in (88.9mm)
Displacement: 2639.4cc
Compression ratio: 8:3 to 1
Carburettors: two SU H4
Max power: 101bhp at 4,750rpm at 4,500rpm
Maximum speed: 95mph
Acceleration 0-60mph: 18.5secs
Overall fuel consumption: 19.4mpg
Transmission: RWD, 4 speed manual with optional overdrive or automatic
Clutch: hydraulic torque converter
Propellar shaft: Hardy Spicer
Rear axle: three quarter floating banjo type beam axle with hypoid-bevel final drive
Construction: steel body on crossed-braced ladder box section chassis
Brakes: hydraulic, vacuum servo assisted Front: 11.125in drum, Rear: 11in drum
Steering: cam & peg, 4.25 turns lock to lock
Suspension, front: torsion bar rear: semi-elliptic leaf spring, telecopic dampers
Wheels: 15in pressed steel
Dimensions & Weight
Wheelbase: 9ft 5.5in
Track, front: 4ft 6.4in, rear: 4ft 6.5in
Overall length: 15ft 8in
Overall width: 5ft 7.5in
Overall height: 5ft 7in
Ground clearance: 7in
Turning circle: 38.5ft
Kerb weight: 31cwt

6/90 Production 1954-1959
Series 1 1954-57: 5,776 built
Series II 1957-58: 1,024 built
Series III 1958-59: 5,052 built