Welcome to Classic Car Portraits where you will find 100s of examples ‘profile-style’ or ‘blueprint-style’ drawings of (mainly classic) cars available for portraiture.
All of the examples have their production years on the license plate but of course as a portrait it will have your own cars number plate. Its correct colour scheme along with any other unique features. For this to be created and for a quotation to be given
(cost from £40 + shipping), photographs or a detailed description (if you no longer own the car or it’s in bits) will need to be emailed to the address below.

You receive an emailed draft as a proof to ensure nothing is missed or wrong.

Turn around is usually about a week.

Payment is by Paypal or cheque*

*cheque payment UK only.

Size of signed prints

With each portrait order I usually supply (unless otherwise requested) a set of 3 laser prints of the following sizes:

A4 210mm x 297mm / 8.3in x 11.7in

A3 140gsm satin finish: 297mm x 420mm / 9.8in x 16.5in

Between A4 & A3: approx 250mm x 350mm / 12.6in x 13.8in


Old Timers 1900-1940

Memory Lane 1940-1980

Modern 1980 to present

Commercials vans -pickup versions of above

You can also navigate like a slide show forward or backward through the lists by clicking on the arrows. Double arrows allow you to skip batches of variants. This though you may find frustratingly slow and fiddly on a smartphone - best only done this way on a desktop PC or laptop on broadband.

Contact grmjenner@gmail.com

01323 845111