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Elva-Climax Mk III Sports Racer 1958
specifications and museum photo below illustration.

PLEASE NOTE: print of Elva MkIII shown below only available to UK residents from the souvenir shop at Bexhill Museum. Bexhill Museum.

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Elva-Climax Mk III Sports Racer 1958 specifications
Coventry Climax FWA 1,097cc,
inline 4 cylinder, aluminium block
Valves: 8 overhead
Bore & Stroke: 72.4mm, 66.6mm
Compression ratio: 9.8 to 1
Power output: approx 84bhp at 6,000 rpm

Maximum speed: approx 120mph
0-60: NA (depends on gearing)

Rear wheel drive
Gearbox (MGA): 4-speed, synchromesh on 2nd, 3rd and top gears Ratios: Top 1.0, 3rd 1.374, 2nd 2.214, 1st 3.64, reverse 4.76
Special l/w Elva Diff casing chassis mounted with ratio options. Final drive Hypoid bevel

Multi-tubular steel space frame with 20 guage NS4 light alloy body

Lockheed hydraulic
Front: Girling disc
Rear: 9” inboard drums
Front: Woodhead-Monroe helical
spring and damper
Rear: de Dion with
12in trailing arms

4 stud bolt-on magnesium alloy 4.5J x 15in
Front with 2º positive camber,
rear 2º negative camber

Rack and pinion

Dimensions & Weight
Wheelbase: 7ft 1.5in
Track F&R: 4ft 0in
Overall length: 12ft 6in
Overall width: 5ft 3in
Overall height: 3ft 3in
Ground clearance: 5.0in
Dry weight: approx 8.5cwt
Fuel tank: 6 Imp gal