MGB GT 1970-72
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MGB GT 1970-72 specifications
Cylinders: 4 in line
Bore: 80.26mm
Stroke: 88.9mm
Displacement: 1,798cc
Valves: Pushrod/overhead
Compression ratio: 8.8:1
Crankshaft bearings: 5
Carburettors: Twin SU 1.5in HS4
Power output: 95bhp at 5400rpm

Maximum speed: 103mph
Acceleration: 0-60 mph 13.6secs
Approx fuel consumption: 26mpg

Clutch: 9.5 in Borg and Beck,
single dry-plate diaphragm
Gearbox: 4-speed, all synchromesh
Ratios: Top 1.0,
3rd 1.25, 2nd 1.97,
1st 3.13, reverse 2.81
Overdrive: Laycock Type LH 0.82
Final drive: 3.07:1
Lockheed servo assisted
Front: 10.75in disc,
Rear: 10 x 1.75in drum

Rack and pinion,
2.9 turns lock to lock

Front: Independent coil
and wishbone
Rear: semi-elliptic leaf
Lever arm dampers
front and back

14 x 5J, 4 stud bolt on,
ventilated pressed steel
Unitary all steel

Dimensions & Weight
Wheelbase: 7ft 7in
Track - front: 4ft 1in
Track - rear: 4ft 1.25in
Overall length: 12ft 10.7in
Overall width: 5ft
Overall height: 4ft 1.4in
Ground clearance: 4.5in
Turning circle: 34ft
Kerb weight: 21.24cwt

MGB GT 1965-80: 125,323
1970: 12,462
1971: 12,110
1972: 13,174