MGs 1924-2008

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(in BOLD CAPS: pages that contain a list of variants sharing the same or similar bodyshell.)


MG M type Midget 1929-32

MG Midget J2 1932-34

MG Midget PA PB, TA, TB,

MG Tickford TA 1936-39

MG VA Saloon 1937-39

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East Sussex MG Owners Club (AREA 1107)

Southdowns MG Club


MG Midget TC, TD, TD2, TD2 with wires TDmk2,TF1250, TF1500

MG YA 11/4 Saloon 1947-51

MGA 1955-62

MG Magnet ZA, ZB / Varitone 1953-58

MG Magnet MkIV (Farina) 1958-61

MIDGET 1961-79

MGB & MGC 1962-80

MG 1100 2 door 1962-67
MG 1100 4 door 1963-67
MG 1100 2 door 1967-68
MG 1300 2 door 1967-71

Special Bodied (outside manufacturer)

MG Vignale TD 1951-53

Arnolt MG Coupe Tourer 1953-55

POST 1980

MGRV8 Export Version 93-95
MGRV8 home 93-95
MGF 1995
MG TF 135
MG TF 160

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East Sussex MG Owners Club (AREA 1107)

Southdowns MG Club

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