Racing Car Portraits
by illustrator Graeme Jenner
Own or manage a racing car?

Drawn with pleasure to pleasure...
For me the most challenging and fun to draw. However their inaccessibility (mainly because of my location) has been a major obstacle and is the main reason why there are presently examples of only one 'formula type' and a few 'competition type' modified road cars available on my portraiture list. Portraits based on road going cars can be produced if adaquate photographs are included with your request for a quotation.

To commission a portrait of your racing car please contact my colleague, Nicholas Overall (below). Nick himself is a (partially retired) racing driver, was Chairman of the HSCC for ten years and is still actively involved in buying and selling historic racing and classic vehicles, so has the necessary associations and a far greater depth of knowledge than me in this field.

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Nicholas Overall
Location: Selbourne, Hampshire
Tel/Fax: +44-01420 511375
Mobile: +44 07860 806904

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Racing car drawings so far
Not necesaeily actual commissions, mostly as an exercise)
Lotus Mk VI (Colin Chapman's in 1953)
Lotus Type 47 (Europa)
• MG TC Cream Cracker
• MG Works MGB
• MGC GTS at Sebring 1968
• Works Mini Cooper
• Morgan Super Sports 3 Wheeler