Jaguar XKR Convertible 1998-2006
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Jaguar XKR Convertible 1998-2006 Specifications
Engine: Supercharged 90º V8. Aluminum alloy cylinder head/block. Twin DOHC, 32-valve. Continuous variable cam phasing
Bore & Stroke: 86mm x 86mm
Displacement: 3,996cc
Compression ratio: 10.75 to 1
Carburation: petrol, electronic injection
Power output: 370bhp at 6,150rpm
387 lb ft at 3,600
Max speed (limited to): 155.4mph
Acceleration: 0-60mph 5.1secs
O.F.C.: 25mpg
Construction: Steel monocoque Structural stiffening added to "A" posts, sills, underfloor and bulkheads
Brakes: PA, ventilated discs all round, inboard mounted at rear servo assisted, Traction and stability control
Transmission: RWD, 5-speed automatic w/ normal/sport modes. Coil springs with telescopic dampers.
Wheelbase: 101.9in
Track - F: 59.2in, R: 59in
Overall length: 187.4in
Overall width: 72in
Overall height: 51in
Ground clearance: 5.7in
Fuel tank: 16.57 Imp gal
Kerb weight: 3,962 lb

XKR Production: 1997-2005
Designed by Geoff Lawson
Total Coupes: 9,661 built
Total Convertibles: 13,895 built
Coventry, England
XKR Coupé price new: £60,010
XKR Convertible price new: £67,005