Austin Heavy 12/4 Clifton 1922-26
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Austin Heavy 12/4 ‘Clifton’ 1922-35 Specifications
4 Cylinder in line
Valve type: side
Bore & Stroke: 72mm x 114.5mm
Displacement: 1,861cc
Carburettor: Zenith
RAC rating: 12.8hp
27bhp at 2,000rpm
Cruising speed: 40-45mph
Fuel consumption: 24mpg

Cable or rod, drums all round

20in 10 spoke artillary
with 4.75in x 19in crossply tyres

Rear wheel drive, 4-speed
Ratios: 1st: 20 to 1, 2nd : 12 to 1
3rd: 8 to 1, top: 5.1 to 1
Steel and aluminium panels on wood frame bolted to steel ladder-type chassis

Front & Rear: Semi-elliptic leaf,

Worm & nut

Dimensions & Weight
Wheelbase: 9ft 2in
Track F&R: 4ft 8in
Overall length: 13ft 6in
Overall width: 5ft 6in
Kerb weight: 22cwt
Chassis weight: 16cwt
Ground clearance: 8.5in
Tank capacity:8gals

Production 1922-39
Saloons and Tourers: 88,000