drawn so far ‘Old Timers’ list
Armstrong Siddeley 17hp Sport Foursome

Austin Seven all variants 1922-39

Austin 7 Swallow Tourer 1926-29
Austin 7 Swallow Saloon 1926-29

Austin Heavy 12/4 Clifton 1927
Austin Heavy 12/4 Clifton 1929-35
Austin Heavy 12/4 Windsor 1927-34
Austin 10/4 saloon 1932-34
Austin 10/4 Clifton 1934-36
Austin 10 Saloon GRQ 1939-40
Austin 10 Cambridge 1937-39 six light

BMW 315 1934-39
BMW 328 1935-39

Ford Model "T" 1924 Runabout
Ford Model ‘T’ Tourer 1921-25
Ford Model Y 8hp
Tudor 1932-37
Ford Model C 1934-37
Ford 8 (7Y )1937-39 deluxe version

MG M type Midget 1929-32
MG Midget J2 1932-34
MG P Type Midget
MG TA, Tickford TA, TB,
MG VA Saloon 1937-39

Morgan Super Sports (racer)
Morgan Colmore Sport 1934

Bullnose Morris Cowley 2 seater 1923-26
Pre-war Morris Minor 4 Seat Tourer OHC
Morris Minor 4 Seat Tourer Sidevalve
Morris Minor Coach-built Saloon
Morris Minor 2 Seater 1933
Morris 8 Tourer 2 seater
4 seater /Saloon 1935-38
Morris Ten 1932-33
Morris 10/4 1932-35
Morris 10/4 Series II 1935-38
Morris 8 series E Tourer 1939-48
Morris 8 series E 2 door Saloon 1938-48
Morris 8 series E 4 door Saloon 1939-48
Morris Ten Series M 1938-40

Singer Nine Roadster 1939-49

For those puzzled by the apparently random page numbering... after about page 20 it's more to do with how recent the drawing of a particular car body is. The larger the number the more recent the original drawing is.

Intended future projects

Bentley 3 litre Blower

Most pre-war MGs

Ford Pilot E17A,
Ford CX,
Ford 7W.
Ford Anglia EO4A,
Ford Prefect E93A


'In the pipeline'
(started - various stages of completion):

Ford Model T 1914

Bullnose Morris 4 seater. 1925

MG VA open 4 seater tourer (1937–39)

Morgan 4/4 DHC and roadster (1938-39)

Bentley 3 litre (1919-29

Triumph Dolomite (1934–40)

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