Ford Model C 1934-35
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Ford Model C 1934-35 specifications
4 cylinder in-line,
Valves: side, 8
Crankshaft bearings: 3
Displacement: 1,172cc
Bore: 63.5mm
Stroke: 92.56mm
Compression ratio: 6.1 : 1
Valves: 2 per cylinder
Carburettors: one
Power output: 30.0bhp at 4,000rpm

Maximum speed: 70mph
Acceleration: 0-50mph: 18.2secs
0-60 mph: 33.5secs
Fuel consumption: 35mpg
3 forward speed manual Synchromesh on
top 2 gears, Rear wheel drive

Steel body on pressed steel channel chassis.

4 wheel mechanical,
drums all round

Recirculating ball,

Front & Rear: Tranverse semi-elliptic leaf springs

Wheels & Tyres
Bolt on welded 17in wire 4.50 x 17 tyres

Dimensions & Weight
Wheelbase: 7ft 6in
Track F: 3ft 9in
Track R: 3ft 9in
Overall length: 12ft 3.75in
Overall width: 4ft 9in
Overall height: 5ft 3in
Ground clearance: 5in
Turning circle: 33ft
Kerb weight: 15.5cwt
Fuel tank 6.5gals

Fordor Oct 1934 - Oct 1935
9,567 at Dagenham
Total production of all variants 1934-37(Fordor, Tudor & Cabrio), England and Germany: 96,553
Price when launched:
£145 10s (with sliding roof & leather upholstery)