Morris Ten Four Series II 1935-38
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Morris Ten Series II 1935-38 specifications
Engine: 4 Cylinder inline, ?side-valve, cast iron
Displacement: 1,292cc
Bore & Stroke: 63.5mm x 102mm
Compresion ratio: 1.61 to 1
Carburettor: SU HV AUC292
Max power: 27.2bhp at 3,400rpm
0-50mph: 40secs
O.F.C: approx 32mpg
Max speed: 59.2mph
Construction: steel body on double box section cahassis
Transmission: RWD, 4-speed, (3-speed up to 1937) manual, syncromesh on top 3 gears
Clutch: single wet plate with cork insert lining
Propshaft: Hardy-Spicer, ?spiral bevel
Suspension F & R: semi-elliptic leaf, hydraulic shock absorbers
Rear axle: three-quarter floating, banjo style casing
Wheels: 6 stud, 16 x 3.5in bolt-on ‘easy clean’, ventilated pressed steel
Tyres: 5.50 x 16in
Brakes: lockeed hydraulic, 9in drums
Steering: Bishop cam & lever, ?8.63 : 1 ratio
Wheelbase: 95.8in
Track (F&R): 48.5in
Overall length: 149in
Overall width: 60in
Overall height: 65in
Ground clearance: 5.12in
Kerb weight: 2,379lb
Tank capacity: 7 imp. gallons
Weight: 20cwt

Special features: ‘Jackall’ built-in jacking system

Morris 10hp & 12hp Series II production: 1935-37 59,364 built

Price new 10hp: from £172 . 10s + p.t,
12hp: from £177 . 10s + p.t