illustrator Graeme Jenner
specialist in profile-style technical drawing of historic vehicles
location: Hailsham, East Sussex
01323 845111

Welcome fellow classic car enthusiasts!
Here you will find most of the car profile-style drawings I've created since 2002 in the hope you will be inspired to order a bespoke version as a car portrait of your's or a special someone's 'pride and joy'.

Opposite you will find the various categories of vehicles. The the large icons and menu titles above linked to the various catagories each have their own more comprehensive index (when visiting just click on 'list')

To order a technical portrait of any model on this site you will need to email me details and for a more accurate quote photographs to: I can then confirm it is all 'do-able' and give a price. Payment by cheque(UK only) or Paypal can be arranged.

When sending photographs: I have been able to work from a single old black & white photo but 3 or 4 photos in one email to show non-standard fittings, mirrors, boot racks, wheels, steering wheels etc, that differ from my examples are usually sufficient if I've drawn those details before on another car.

For cars in the pipeline, cars or features that haven't been drawn yet - quite a different story! Please visit my: photo page

Turn-around is usually about a week, depending on my work load, extra details that need adding or altering and current printer hardware status etc.

Cost of a 'technical car portrait' (3 prints of - see next) is from £40 + P&P

Print sizes: Currently as portraits a set of 3 laser prints is supplied, comprising of an A3, an A4 and an inbtween size. So: 
1 x A4 (LASER 170gsm silk finish) 210mm x 297mm / 8.3in x 11.7in
1 x A3 (LASER 170gsm silk finish) 297mm x 420 mm / 11.7in x 16.5in
and approx.250mm x 350mm ( 13.7mm x 10.75 (LASER 170gsm silk finish)

Unusual Requests
The main purpose of is providing affordable bespoke car drawings (portraits) for classic car enthusiasts.

I am happy to adapt the drawings for other uses, but please if you do require services/products outside what is advertised on this website, when inquiring please give as much information as possible, such as who you are or work for, where you are geographically, for whom it for, the purpose (end product) you are aiming for and any deadlines you have.

Picture Framing: apologies for no picture framing service as apart from being impractical and uneconomic, all time and effort is concentrated on the completion of as many different car profiles as possible.

Digital Versions: these are not available. Only for special uses and for publishing are digital versions of car drawings released.

All drawing images are copyright Graeme Jenner

contact details for ordering & payment UK time 10am - 10pm for phone

illustrator: Graeme Jenner
location: Hailsham, East Sussex
telephone: 01323 845111

Above: typical features that can be changed or added to create a Technical Portrait.
Below: Some makes and models have their own page



Austin Seven

A30 & A35



Anglia/Prefect/Popular 100E
/Prefect 107E 1953-62

Anglia 105E /123E

Escorts 1962-2002









Morris Minor