Triumph Spitfire & GT6 1962 -81

Text in brackets: brief, visual differences to previous year
Text in
white: drawing to come

Mk I 1962-64 Triumph Spitfire 1200cc
Wire wheels option(1963)

Mk II 1965-67 Triumph Spitfire 1200cc
wire wheels option
(specs: engine performance, no obvious external differences as far as I know)

Mk III 1967-71 Triumph Spitfire 1300cc
Wire wheels option

(raised bumper • interior)

Mk IV 1971-74 Triumph Spitfire 1300cc
Wire wheels option
Hard top & spoiler version
(cut-off rear end • wheels • dashboard • rear suspension)

Mk V 1975-81 Triumph Spitfire 1500cc
(specs: longer stroke, peformance • weight)

GT6 Mk 1 1966-68

GT6 Mk 2 1968-70

GT6 Mk3 1970-73