MG M type Midget 1929-32
See specifications below illustration.
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MG M type Midget 1929-32 specifications
2 bearing, 4 in-line,
overhead camshaft driven through vertical dynamo
Bore & Stroke: 57mm, 83mm
Displacement: 847cc
Compression ratio: 5.4:1
Carburettors: single SU
hand mixture control on dash
Power output: 27 bhp at 4,500 rpm

Maximum speed: 68 mph
Acceleration: (with 2 occupants)
0-30mph 7sec, 0-60mph 45sec
Fuel consumption: approx. 38mpg

Cable operated 8in drums all round

Tub: ash frame with woodply skin,
fabric covering
Wings & bonnet: pressed steel panels
on steel ladder type chassis
Interior: wood dash, Leather covered pneumatic upholstery

Clutch: single dry plate
Gearbox: non-syncro, 3 speed manual
Ratios: 1st 17 : 1, 2nd 8.96 : 1,
top 4.89 : 1

Front & rear: semi eliptic leaf spring with Hartford friction dampers
Wheels & Tyres
19in bolt-on wire, 4.00 x 19in crossply

Dimensions & Weight
Wheelbase: 6ft 6in
Track(front & rear): 3ft 6in
Overall length: 9ft 2in
Overall width: 4ft 2in
Turning circle: 34ft
Kerb weight: 10cwt
Tank capacity: 4.5gallons

Production: 1929-32
Numbers built: 3,235
Cost when new in 1930: £185