Morris Ten 1932-35 with sliding head
Specifications and enlarged front view
below illustration.
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Morris Ten with sliding head 1932-35 specifications
Engine (10HP)
4 Cylinder in line, side valve
Bore & Stroke: 63.5mm x 102mm
Displacement: 1,292cc
Crankshaft bearings: 3,
die-cast white metal
Compression ratio: 6.5 to 1
Carburation: single SU

Maximum speed: 65.2mph
Acceleration: 0-50mph 33secs
Overall fuel consumption: 35mpg

6 volt coil, 14mm Champion L10 plugs

Clutch: single plate , cork inserts in oil
Gearbox: 4-speed, (synchromesh after 1934) Ratios: 18.66, 10.57, 6.91, 4.7 to 1
Propellar shaft: shaft and spiral bevel

Double box section type

Lockheed hydraulic, 11in drums

Bishop cam
Semi eliptic front and rear with Armstrong hydraulic shock absorbers

19in Magna-type wire with
450 x 19in crossply tyres

Dimensions & Weight
Wheelbase: 8ft 0in
Track: 4ft 0in
Overall length: 12ft 3in
Overall width: 5ft 2in
Overall height: 5ft 4in
Turning circle: 37ft
Kerb weight: 19.5cwt
Tank capacity: 6.5gal

Morris Ten: 1932-34
Total Pruduced 1932-48
(Ten, Ten-Four and Ten-Six): 49.238

Prices new in 1932
Saloon: £165
Saloon with sliding-head: £169 10s
Special Coupé with sliding-head: £195

Special Feature
Wilcott robot direction indicators