1934 Morgan Super Sports (Colmore Sports)
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1934 Morgan Super Sports (Colmore Sports) specifications
The Colmore Sports
In the Spring of 1934, Morgan produced five special Super Sports models that were displayed in their agents’ showrooms in order to publicise the new ‘barrelback’ bodywork with its neat method of storing the spare wheel. These models were known as “Colmore Sports” or “Colmore Specials” after a popular motoring event “The Colmore Trial.” They received extra care over paintwork and were equipped with extra brightwork and several sporty modifications such as cycle wings and low mounted headlamps to enhance their appearance. Only two of these special Colmore Sports remain.
Matchless MX2. Ohv. Air cooled. 50º V-twin.
Bore: 85.5 mm.
Stroke: 85.5 mm.
Displacement: 990 cc.
Carburettor: Single Amal type 29
with twin float chambers.
Ignition: Double ended coil. No distributor.
Power output: 39.1 bhp at 4,600 rpm. 9.9 hp.
Compression ratio: 6.2:1 standard. AOH 667 has been modified with domed pistons to 7.5:1.
Lubricant: Castor oil.
Engine controls including the throttle are mounted on the steering wheel.

Tubular steel chassis with bodywork of aluminium panels on ash framework.
Single dry plate clutch. Three speed and reverse gearbox has straight cut gears. Ratios 13:1 8:1 4.85:1 Reverse 17.5:1. Worm driven cross shaft takes power via a 3/4” roller chain to rear wheel.

Front only: (non original) hydraulic twin leading shoe Lockheed drums.
Rear: (handbrake only) drum by Bowden cable.
Front: patented Morgan “sliding pillar” independent suspension with helical springs.
Rear: Quarter elliptical springs
No shock absorbers on front or rear.

Maximum speed: 75 mph
Acceleration: Standing quarter mile 19 seconds.
0 - 60 mph: 14 seconds
Overall fuel consumption: 40 mpg
Dunlop “Magna” wire spoked.
4.00 x 18 cross ply

Wheelbase: 7ft 3in
Track: 4ft 2in
Length: 10ft 4in
Width: 4ft 11in
Weight: 8 cwt

Price New
In 1934 - £127.10s