Austin Seven AD Tourer 1926-28
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Austin Seven AD Tourer 1926-28 specifications
2 bearing, 4 in-line, side valve
Bore: 56mm
Stroke: 76.2mm
Displacement: 747cc
Compression ratio: approx 5.5 to1
Carburettor: single Zenith 22FZ
Power output: 10.5bhp at 2,500rpm

Maximum speed: 51mph
Acceleration: 0-50mph 24secs
Fuel consumption: 38mpg

Clutch: single dry plate
Gearbox: non-syncro, 3 speed manual

Steel body bolted to steel
A-form frame chassis

Worm & wheel,
1.25 turns lock to lock

Cable operated drums all round

Front: Beam axle with
tranverse half eliptic leaf spring
Rear: Quarter eliptic leaf springs
Austin made friction dampers

Wheels & Tyres
19” bolt-on wire, 3.50 x 19in crossply

Dimensions & Weight
Wheelbase: 6ft 3in
Track F & B: 3ft 4in
Overall length: 9ft 2in
Overall width: 3ft 10in
Turning circle: 33ft
Kerb weight: 9cwt approx.
Tank capacity: 4 gallons

AD Tourer 1926-29
1927 Austin Sevens: 21,671
Total UK Austin 7 Saloon & Tourer
1922-39: 290,944 built