Austin 7 Ruby ARR1936-39
See specifications and 'The Light Car' cover below illustration.
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Austin 7 Ruby 1936-39 specifications
4 Cylinder in line
Bore & Stroke: 56 mm x 76 mm
Displacement: 747cc
Valves: 8, side
Compression ratio: 6:1
Carburation: Zenith 26VA
Power output: 17bhp at 3,800rpm

6 volt coil,
14mm Champion L10 plugs

Maximum speed: 50.8 mph
Acceleration: 0-50 mph 58 secs
Overall fuel consumption: 45 mpg

Steel body on A-frame chassis

Rear wheel drive
Clutch: single, dry plate
Gearbox: 4-speed,
Rear wheel drive
Ratios: Top 5.25, 3rd 8.73,
2nd 13.85 1st 22.94 &
reverse 29.49 to 1
Propellar Shaft: torque tube
Rear axle: three quarter floating spiral bevel

Mechanical, 7in drums

Worm and sector

Front: Semi eliptic tranverse leaf
Rear: quarter eliptic leaf
Shock absorbers: friction type

Wheels & Tyres
17in Magna detachable wire
400 x 17in crossply

Dimensions & Weight
Wheelbase: 6ft 9in
Track - front: 3ft 4in
Track - rear: 3ft 7in
Overall length: 10ft 7in
Overall width: 4ft 3in
Overall height: 5ft 3in
Ground clearance: 6in
Turning circle: Left 38ft 2in
Kerb weight: 1358 lbs
Tank capacity: 5 gallons
Sump capacity: 4 pints

Price new £120, plus purchase tax