Austin Seven Ulster Replica
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Austin Seven Ulster Replica specifications
2 bearing, 4 in-line, side valve,
Bore: 56mm, Stroke: 76mm
Displacement: 747cc
Compression ratio: approx 6.5:1
Carburettors: Zenith 30VE1
Power output: 24 bhp at 4,500 rpm

Maximum speed: 60 mph
Acceleration: 0-50 mph 24 sec


Steel bonnet & side panels, aluminium top panels, GRP tub, wings & running boards, on steel A-form frame chassis

Cable operated drums all round

Wheel Steering
Worm & wheel, 11/4 turns lock to lock

Wheels & Tyres
19” bolt-on wire, 3.50 x 19in crossply

Front: Beam axle with tranverse half eliptic leaf spring
Rear: Quarter eliptic leaf springs
Austin made friction dampers

Dimensions & Weight
Wheelbase: 6ft 3in
Track: 3ft 4in
Overall length: 10ft 0in
Overall width: 3ft 11in
Turning circle: 33ft
Kerb weight: 8.5cwt approx.
Tank capacity: 5.75gallons
Fuel consumption: 35-40mpg

Original Production: 1930-32
Numbers built: believed 167
Cost when new: £185