Colin Chapman’s 1953 Lotus MkVI
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Colin Chapman’s 1953 Lotus MkVI specifications
Engine: (Ford E93A)4 Cylinder inline water cooled
Displacement: 1,099cc
Bore: 61.5mm
Stroke: 92.5mm
Valves: 8, side
Compression ratio: 8.25 to 1
Carburettors: Twin horizontal 11/4 SU
Max Power: 40bhp at 6,000 rpm
Maximum speed: 88mph
0-60mph: 12.6sec
Construction: Multi-tubular (17/8” & 1” round & square) space-frame with monel rivets, aluminium panels & wings
Brakes: Cable, 10in drums,
Brake friction area: 80sq in
Wheels: Lotus converted Ford bolt-on 15in pressed steel disc
Dunlop Racing
4.50x15, R: 5.25x15
Steering: Worm & nut
Transmission: RWD
Manual 3-speed Ford with Buckler C type close ratio gears
Clutch: Single dry-plate

Propshaft: Shortened Ford torque tube
Suspension F: independent
Suspension R: rigid axle
Dampers: Telescopic hydraulic
Wheelbase: 7ft 4in
Track F: 4ft 1in, R: 3ft 9in
Overall length: 10ft 3in
Overall width: 4ft 11in
Overall height: 3ft 7.5in
Ground clearance: 4in
Kerb weight: 81/2cwt
Tank capacity: 7gals

1952-1955 approx 110 produced