Commercial vehicles drawn list
Austin A30 5cwt Van (AV4) 803cc 1954-56

Austin A35 5cwt Van (AV5) 948cc 1956-62

Austin A35 Van (AV6) 1098cc 1963-68

Austin A35 5cwt Pickup(AK5) 948cc 1956-57

Austin Half-Ton Pick-up 1957-63

Austin 'Se7en' Mini Van 1960-61 (smooth roof)

Austin Minivan 1966 (ribbed roof)

Austin Mini Pick-up + tilt 1962-69

Austin Minor Van 8cwt 1968-70

Commer Cob 1957-60

Ford Mode 'T" pick-up 1921-25

Ford Thames 100E 7cwt Van 1959-61

Anglia 307E 5cwt Thames Van 1961-63

Ford Escort Mk1 Van 1968-75

Jowett Bradford

Morris Z Van

Morris J Van

Morris A55 Van

Morris Minivan 850cc 1960-69

Morris Minor Van Series II 5cwt 1953

Morris Minor Van 6cwt 1965-70

Morris Minor Series II Pickup 1953-54

Morris Minor 6cwt Pickup 1954-56

Morris Minor 1000 Pickup 1957-62

Morris Minor 8cw Pickup 1968-70

Morris Minor Van 8cwt 1968-70

Triumph Courier van

Triumph Mayflower Pick-up (Australia)

Land Rover Series1 86"

Reliant Regal Van

Commer Imp Van

Intended future projects

Bedford CA Type 1952-69

Ford Transit

Vans based on one of my existing drawings.

Small Lorries I manage to photo, measure etc

'In the pipeline'
(started - various stages of completion):

Austin A60 van & pick-up

Ford Model T lorry

Morris Minor(pre-war) Van
Morris J van
Morris Z Van

Triumph Mayflower Ute (Australia)

Ford Anglia 103 Ute (Australia)

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illustrator: Graeme Jenner
location: Hailsham, East Sussex
telephone: 01323 845111

Please contact me via the email or telephone number above with your enquiry and I will provide a quotation. After accepting this, I will send you a PayPal invoice or confirm payee/address details if you wish to pay by cheque (UK only).

If your car isn't in the list above I'm happy to receive inquiries about a technical portrait of it as it may be 'in the pipeline' (opposite). However if it isn't I cannot give you a quote or an estimate of when it will be available as there are too many factors that come into consideration when adding new cars.

all images are copyright Graeme Jenner

Standard ‘A’ Size Prints available of a Technical Portrait of your car

A4 (LASER)210mm x 297mm / 8.3in x 11.7in

297mm x 420 mm / 11.7in x 16.5in

Maximum size for laser prints:
SRA3 320mm x 450mm / 12.6in x 17.7in